Violente agression à Melbourne sur une fille qui parlait français ..

Cette fille se fait prendre à parti dans un bus à Melbourne pour avoir parler/chanter en Français, et c’est assez violent … Bon peut-être que la chanson était nulle hein !

Le type lui a quand même dis :”parle anglais ou meurt” , a menacé de lui couper les seins et a pété une vitre.

J’ai bien aimé ce commentaire sur une version censurée de la vidéo :

“We Indigenous people were here first…How dare white trash dole-bludging bogans claim this country as “theirs” – GO BACK TO ENGLAND where you belong…”

Un peu comme aux US quoi ! Bref, je vous met aussi la description de l’événement en anglais :

Published on Nov 19, 2012

News Updated (23 Nov 2012)-Police interview two people involved in racist tirade against bus passenger caught on camera & Interviewed with a French woman: POLICE have identified and interviewed two people from a video showing bus passengers racially abusing a French woman after she started singing.

A man, aged 24, and a women, 21, both from Hampton, were questioned by detectives from the transit and public safety command crime investigation today.

They were released without charge.

Investigators want to speak to a second man, who was captured on the video with headphones in his ears.

Several people made verbal threats and racial taunts against a group of women singing French songs travelling on the bus around 9.30pm on November 11.

The commuters were travelling between Mordialloc to Caulfield railway station when the incident occurred.

A woman, believed to be a victim in the incident, contacted police and made a formal report yesterday.

The bus window was also smashed when one traveller got off the bus. He is described as Caucasian, with a red face, middle-aged with dirty blonde hair, and was wearing jeans and a top.

Anyone with information on identity should contact police.


YouTube footage of the incident has gone viral and sparked fierce debate on television shows and morning radio around the country after the footage was posted.

Yesterday, the French woman claimed she feared for her safety during the racist tirade.

The woman, identified as Fanny Desaintjores, says she was “afraid he [would come] and hit us”, as police appeal for witnesses to come forward.

Fairfax reports Ms Desaintjores became fearful for her safety.

“My friends and I stopped laughing. We were quite afraid that he [would come] and hit us,” she said.
“I think that’s insane that they reacted like that, we’re all adults. We could have a conversation and talk gently, instead of all these insults and threats.”

One thought on “Violente agression à Melbourne sur une fille qui parlait français ..

  1. Du grand n’imp’ cette vidéo. Déjà dans le fond c’est limite irréaliste vu comme l’explosion de haine des mecs ne rime à rien. Puis dans la forme à part les “bip” qui rendent à moitié sourd on comprend rien.

    Il envoie ton thème, la grande classe 😉

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